Many things changed when I became a mother thirteen years ago. This new experience led me to look for a more natural and reflective lifestyle. I started with a healthy and organic diet but then I realized that eating well was not enough. For everything you put on your skin enters your body in the same way as if you were eating it. This discovery led us to change many habits in our lives. I began to carefully read the labels of each product that we consumed and I realized that we were slowly contaminating our body and our planet.

When I did not find alternatives in the market that could satisfy my needs, I began to investigate on my own about the subject and to learn to elaborate at home all the products that we used daily for our hygiene and personal care. In this way, I was not only looking after the health of my family, but we were also finding ways to reduce more and more the negative impact we cause on our planet.

We acquired a new awareness of our environment that led us to deeply appreciate the work of the farmers who cultivate the land respecting nature and its cycles. We marveled at the wisdom of the ancestral knowledge of our indigenous peoples and decided to recover the traditional recipes that our grandmothers used. Thus we were discovering a new style of life wiser, simpler, healthy and natural.

For about six years we lived a fun and rich learning process. Together with my two daughters and my son we developed formulas, experimenting with the ingredients, knowing alternative ways of taking care of ourselves, using only ingredients that we could find in the kitchen.

Suddenly, my need to find a work alternative that gave my children economic stability and allowed me to be close to them started to tie in with this process that we had been experiencing, and we decided to turn it into a venture. This is how Natu was born, our truly natural cosmetics and personal care products project.

Today we are very happy to be able to share our learnings not only through our creations. We hope you love them too!

Carmen B.

Formulator of Choco Glow and Honey Cleanse/ Partner of Beloved Beauty

The Story of Honey Cleanse